Faceting designs


Although the majority of commercially cut stones have similar appearance, there are many original faceting designs available in books and the Internet nowadays.

New cuts can be created quite easily thanks to the development of faceting design computer programs, specially GemCad by Robert Strickland, where also exact faceting machine ajustments for each facet are given. That’s why, apart from the traditional cuts used for centuries, hundreds of very nice new designs were published during the last decades, and still appear every year.

Of course, cutting of stones following these designs is only possible using precision faceting techniques, considered in other section of our website.

Here are some examples of original faceting diagrams and real stones faceted following these designs:

Lucifer cut

"Lucifer" faceting design by Jack Rowland,
and 6.96 ct amethyst faceted after this design by Egor Gavrilenko.


Sakura cut

"Sakura 80" faceting design by Marco Voltolini,
and 5.22 ct amethyst faceted after this design by Egor Gavrilenko.


Bright angel cut

"Bright angel" faceting design by Paul Head,
and 83.25 ct sphalerite faceted after this design by Egor Gavrilenko.


Click the image below to see some examples of different cut styles in our sphalerites. To see more stones, please visit this section of our site - Faceted sphalerites.





Many faceting designs can also be found in these Internet resources:


Creating new faceting design - case story


To show the possibilities of modern faceting design programs we publish here this story about a very special stone with a very special cut design (by Egor Gavrilenko):


"The story starts here:

Hospital La Paz Madrid


It is a photo of the Hospital La Paz in Madrid. The tower is the Maternity department where my two sons were born, in October 2010 and January 2012. So last time there with my wife, I had my laptop with me and I was thinking on cutting some special stone for her. In that moment I saw that typical “you are here” plan and the idea for the stone was ready!

Emergency plan La Paz Madrid


The next step was to use GemCad program, and the design “Maternity La Paz” was born, right there in the hospital!

GemCad design La Paz


And some months later I could get some time to cut the stone, from a nice piece of Uruguayan amethyst, so here is the result of the story:

Precision cut amethyst

Precision cut amethyst

Precision cut amethyst

Amethyst, "Maternity La Paz" cut, 18.52 ct, 19.0 x 19.0 x 12.1 mm